Im looking for some advice on pedals to help me make some electronica. But ive never really used pedals before.

Im thinking a pedal to loop samples. What are good ones of those?

Also what pedals are good to make interesting changes to sounds? An equaliser?
Sorry I know thats probably a terrible question.

Or any other ideas?

Any help would be great thanks.
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electronica is made with electric instruments, like keyboards, synths, computers, blah blah blah

not really guitar
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get a midi pickup and a synth system/midi sequencer.
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Chea_man is the best.
yeah i was going to use my keyboard also but thought with some pedals a guitar might do the trick.
cool yeah thanks ive just been looking at some sequencers on ebay.
hmm i dont usually reccomend them but your best bet in this case may be a multi-effects processor
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um i think electro harmonix makes a synthesizer for guitar that doesnt need a midi pickup
A multi-effects pedal could help.
You could do some cool stuff on a delay pedal too.
A envelope filter (or some other kind of synth pedal would obviously
make it sound pretty synth-y)