It's all solid wood. Alvarez has a pretty good reputation. Looks like a good deal.

If you play it and like it, go for it. I don't know that you'll find a better deal than that. Be sure that there isn't any damage or some other reason why the price is so low though.
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I say go for it

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That's a great price for an all solid wood guitar. Sounds like a good deal to me.
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$325 for a masterworks Alvarez? What's to think about? Even if it's got a ton of pick scratches on it, as long as the neck is true and it's been humidified properly, go for it!
Definitely a great deal! I hope you at least went and checked it out.
Yeah, go check it out.

If you figure the hard case is worth at least $50.00, then you are picking up a solid wood guitar for $275.00.

I'd be all over it. That's how I buy my guitars.

I wait for little beauties like this to pop up, and then snatch them up.

And, realistically, they will probably let it go for three bills flat.