I am getting a new head soon.

I want a Mesa Boogie rectifier like distortion sound but I can't afford a Mesa so I was wondering if anybody has or has had a Peavey Triple XXX and is it good for getting that crushing metal tone?
i like the crunch channel the most. its not like a "plexi crunch" channel, but a brutal metal crunch. it definetely gives you that crushing overdriven (sorry i just had to put that there) metal tone. then again, the 5150 might be more suited for you, what kinds of metal tones are you looking for (bands, etc)

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I had one but sold it for a 5150. The xxx was way to bright and the ultra channel was lacking

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^ eh

I have the XXX 40 combo with KT77's, and mine gets a pretty damn fine A7X sound (judging by TS username), as well as a KSE tone. It's my favorite amp, and If i ever have enough money and room, ill get the XXX head and throw a nice darker set of tubes in it.

True, the XXX is a tad bright, but if you want the versatility with an excellent metal capability, GO XXX

and for the love of god people, use the XXX/JSX/Ultra thread!!!
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