I want to write a song with a sorta arabian/ancient egyptian sound to it. I know minor scales can sometimes get this sound, but what scale has the most arabian - egyptian sound to it?
Phrygian Dominant, Byzantine (Double Harmonic)
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A site called pureguitarscales or something in these lines, to get what you want I'd guess you should use an egyptian scale or an arabian scale eh, google.

Here the pattern of a minor gypsy scale, tweak it a bit to get your needs:


Use the octaves and roots to fill the rest of the fretboard you get the basic idea.
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Phrygian dominant is your best bet: 1 b2 3 4 5 b6 b7. It's the 5th mode of harmonic minor and it doesn't have three consecutive tones like some of these other ridiculous scales.

It should be noted that real Arabian music is not based on our system of music. You can get around that with careful note selection, but they use microtones over there and we don't; without some incredibly accurate bending, your guitar will not give those notes.