Hey there, i'm in the stage of applying to Uni's and have received an offer from my favoured choice but the specific course that I applied for has a year of work placement in Germany (with an engineering company)

Now although I can see that this would be an insane life experience there are of course some trepidations about moving to a foreign country for a year...

So has anyone else done something similar to this, and if you did, how did you find it etc?
Mechanical Engineering course, with German (It takes the form of 2 hours of speaking a practice a week for 2 years) then instead of spending a 3rd year (out of 5) in industry in the UK we get a placement in Germany and live out there working as an intern
Germany Rox!! I spent 6 months there working in Munich. Didn't want to come back! Learnt to ski, drank copious amounts of beer, was there for Oktoberfest, Frulingsfest and enough of christmas to develop a taste for gluhwein Whereabouts are you going?
I'm not sure yet, but I believe most of the engineering sectors are near the south of the country, Stuttgart and Munich perhaps

Zhilla, did you learn to speak German whilst out there and how did you find mixing in with the different culture and language barrier? I've been to Germany before and had a great time there but it's never been for a long period
you should be fine, if you're doing a german degree you should be able to get by, and then living there will improve your german. Maybe learn subject specific vocab?
Well it's primarily a Mech Eng course, just with some extra curricular German sessions leading up to it which teaches you the German for stuff like nuts and bolts etc. I took it at GCSE and really enjoyed it so I'm sure I could pick up the lingo well enough

The apprehensive bit is moving to another country for a year but I'm sure i'd have a great time
I couldn't speak any German at all when I went out there. I only got a couple of weeks notice to go. Learnt enough to not look rude when I got there, and to do simple stuff like order food, ask directions and buy train tickets and stuff. I somehow managed to direct a taxi in German back to my apartment after about 3 weeks when I was totally bladdered - quite an achievement I thought as my German was ropey at best and I have no sense of direction whatsoever But everyone under the age of about 70 speaks fluent english anyway so if you get stuck in German you can always cheat and speak english.

Didn't have any problems with the culture - but I was working with a mixture of Germans, Brits and Italians, not just Germans. Germans are great - although apparently Bavaria is different to the rest of Germany, and I only really travelled between Munich and the Austrian border (for skiing ) The Germans are very punctual though - they don't believe in overtime either. If you have to work late you either didn't work hard enough in your normal hours or you have too much work on and need to delegate something! They made me laugh as they always had exactly their regulation 43 minutes for lunch lol. And, contrary to popular belief, the Germans do have a sense of humour too

Oh, if you go to Munich make sure you find Kunstpark straight away - its like a huge industrial estate but of nightclubs instead of businesses Corn on the cob is sooo much better than scabby kebab

Edit: What uni is it?
Ah excellent cheers, sounds like you had a great time. I guess when you're surrounded by the language you pick it up naturally.

And it's Bath uni which i'd love to go to, just need to make sure I get the grades to get in now
Kewl, I went to Bristol - aero eng

Go for it - you'll love it Good luck with the grades
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