Ok so I got a peavey valveking112 stock, a digitech rp350 and 2 esps....an ec-1000 and the viper-400. On the 1000 i got a SD 59 in the neck and a JB in the bridge, on the 400 i got the EMG 85 in the neck and the 81 in the bridge.

My distortion tone is pretty damn good, coming out of an amp at least, and overall if i have my rp350 programmed well my tone will be good for just about anything.....

EXCEPT CLEAN, jesus christ i can tell that the tone would be pretty good if it wasnt so damn boomy and I could actually hear notes played on the 6th string. Its really only excessively bassy on the 6th string, and a little less on the 5th string, but its driving me insane. No matter how low i put the bass it goes unchanged.

It seems to not be a problem through headphones though.

Oh yea and im talkiing about the clean tone going through either the 85 or the 59...cuz the tone is straight trash coming from the bridge..ok not complete garabge but still its much better coming from the neck, aside from the boomyness.

Any idea what i can do to fix it??
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Take your digitech pedal out the rig.
Plug straight into the amp and roll the volume on your neck pickup down a wee bit.

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buy an EQ?
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Roll off your tone completely, and bring in the bass.
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Great neck, nice n light, good tuning stability. Overall a good guitar. I didn't but it cause I generally only buy guitars over a grand now.
Lower the bass on your amp?
I dunno, just a thought. Tweak with the EQ till you find a sound that works.

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EQ pedal.

This, also.
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Turn down the volume on your guitar itself and then turn up the amp slightly
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I tried plugging in directly to the amp to no avail...
And the pedal does have an EQ lol im sure it aint really as good as an actual EQ pedal, but still, takin off the bass on both the amp and pedal do nothing.

When i get home im gonna try rollin back the volume a little, although im sure ive tried that subconciously and it didnt work either.

Thanks for the help so far though.

It just seems like a strange problem that wont have a quick fix....you think it could be a wiring problem??
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I got a VK 212 and I have never had the same problem..
I'm using only passive pickups with only 1 pedal in my rig...BBE Crusher which is analog distortion pedal that costs bout 100€...
so yeah try to plug your guitar straight to the amp.
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try rolling bass the bass down on the amp a lower volume on the guitar.
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Ive completely rollled back the bass on both the amp and the pedals and theres is NO difference what so ever in regards to the boomy bassyness.

I dont think pick up height is in question either cuz if the tone is distored or overdriven, this problem doesnt exist. It only happens to my clean tone, hmm so would a wiring problem even be a question?? Like wold this happen to both tones if it was a wiring problem??

And again through headphones everything is PERFECT.
Sounds like it could be a speaker problem.
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Lower the pickup on the bass side?

I'm not sure if that makes a difference with EMG's though..

Alternatively, sell all those silly Br00t4lz metal guitars and get a nice tele .
An EQ pedal is the best thing you could ever do for your VK, believe me.

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Lower the pickup on the bass side?

I'm not sure if that makes a difference with EMG's though..

Alternatively, sell all those silly Br00t4lz metal guitars and get a nice tele .

Dont sell them... that would probably be the worst thing to do in this situation, especially if you play metal.

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You can get CLEAN out of ANY AMP!!!!

you just need to learn how to work with what you have.

Have you ever tried laying back on your vol. nob from your guitar? instead of 10.. make it 6 or 7.
try a Compression pedal.

and on your amp, take off all your distortion efx ect. ect. stuff.

just have your guitar and amp... play till you get a good tone.. a good clean crunchy tone.. NOT DISTORTED... just a hint of gain.. and then try with your pedals... and if ur pedal soundl ike junk.. then turn the nobs of the pedals till you get a good tone..

THATS how you get nice tones.
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and get your guitar fixed! haha

His guitar isnt broken.

The boominess is just a "side-effect" of EMGs.

It can be fixed, just roll back the volume, and learn how to use an EQ properly.
The VK stock EQ isnt fantastic, so a pedal would do wonders.

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You better click that bastard.

Ibanez RG370DX
Peavey Valveking 112 (w/ Bad Monkey and GE-7 EQ)
Its not just through the emgs...its also through the 59 on my ec-1000.
I just got home though so now im gonna try some of the things suggested here, hopefully the work.

Ill look into EQs tomorrow though, any suggestions??