Im kind of a crap singer, but i do ok on the guitar. And i was wondering if anyone had a some songs i could learn to impress a girl for example. Jack Johnson does really not sound that good without the singing part
stairway to heaven, until the end-tom morello
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anything by hendrix should impress anybody

instrumental to stairway to heaven like the person above me suggested

but the ultimate one instrumental that you should learn to impress a girl.


if you could do that thats instead sex.
buckethead, trace bundy, justin king, andy mckee,
incubus rocks my world
buckethead: i love my parrents, hog bitch stomp, for mom(early version) who me?
led zeppelin acoustic stuff like bron yaur
The Jester's Dance by In Flames is a pretty nice instrumental to play; its in C standard though. Other than that, Vai, Buckethead etc.
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Buckethead makes some decent songs without singing. Like Nottingham Lace is an awesome song. But most other stuff without singing is fairly boring.
A lot of girls are more impressed when you know a song that THEY know versus a ridiculously difficult song by some metal band (I know from experience). Try John Mayer.
Perhaps If I could fly by Joe Satriani? if said girl likes Viva La vida, she might know this song.

Or maybe Canon rock? I don't know, i know a girl who likes that song.

or find out a song she likes, and just learn the guitar part perhaps? Chances are she'll recognize it.
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all you would have to learn is white summer-black mountain side by zeppelin and youd get more tail than youd know what to do with
........sadly i have to say it. i played lamb of god laid to rest. only my metalhead friends i got a reaction from...then i put it in E-standard...played SOS by the jonas brothers......next thing i know i get hugged by girls. ......

trust me. do it.
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Just play Green Day and yell instead of singing.

A song without singing is called an instrumental piece, or just piece, and I think there might be another name. I'm not being a dick, just letting you know.

You can probably get by doing Metallica and just sort of gruff-talking the vocals, if you want to do that. I can't think of any other good bands or songs at the moment. I'm tired.
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play "oceans" by john butler little tricky at times but awsome song

or play classical gas by tommy emenual