well this is my first attempt at wrighting a hardcore song, so if it doesnt completely fit the genera im sorry. but pls feel free to tell me any likes dislikes about the song.

cheers james
well, that was interesting. im not sure if it was hardcore, but it could definitely fit in a heavy genre of music such as that.

some pretty good riffs in here, but i have to say the one riff with the tapping that keeps coming up through the entire song just feels a bit awkward, instead of pulling of to the 4th fret why not just hammer on to the 8th fret again and pull off to the fourth and then hammer on to the seventh?

the part where the time signature changes to 11/8 was really cool though. props for that
well i just put it as a hammer on in GP cauze i couldnt find the slide button , but it gave the right kinda sound :P
so i hammer from 8 to 5 then just slide to 4 and hammer 7.

cheers i think its a pretty cool riff too.

thanks james