I'm looking for a new guitar (yeah i know there's a thread for that), and I was wondering if anyone knows what guitar/fx equipment This Will Destroy You, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, or Sigur Ros uses? That's a diverse group, but I love all their sounds.. I'd appreciate responses, I've been searching for this info for about a week. Thanks
godspeeds sound comes from playing the guitar with a screwdriver for the most part.. just to clarify.. get something fairly versatile and then use lots of FX
ughh.. here:

TWDY: the more ambient guitarist runs a Boss TU-2, Dano Wasabi Forward/Reverse Delay, a Mid-Fi Glitch Computer pedal, 2 EB Volume Pedals, an M-Audio 410 Firewire box into a Macbook Pro with Ableton live for delays/reverbs. he uses an eBow frequently also.

Guitarists use Marshall JCM800's and JMP's through Orange 4x12's and Marshall 4x12's. One of them also makes frequent use of a MusicMan head.

GY!BE: Lists Efrim's gear on wikipedia.

Sigur Ros: Jonsi runs a custom built single humbucker Les Paul shaped guitar (on which he bows) into a Boss RV-3 and then a Marshall JCM2000


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drone/doom/post-metal: http://theygrieve.bandcamp.com
basically all their gear has been said. if you're looking at a new guitar, maybe go for a Les Paul (copy I'd guess; Edwards makes some really great LP copies) or a Jazzmaster (the Classic Player is a great guitar). I'm seriously considering the last one for my next guitar; either that, a Jaguar or a Mustang. All three? :p I know Jazzmasters can do anything from their normal sound, to a thin tele like sound to a thick and powerful Les Paul-ish sound. If i'm not mistaken, Jaguars have similar circuitry so both are really good options for versatile guitars.