Hey guys. I'm looking to get a small mixer and mic. I plan on using this for recording in front of my amp and for skype My budget is 150 bucks. I'll just run it straight into the input on my XFI sound card. This is what I'm looking at



Can I get anything better for my money? Thanks.
as far as I can tell the mixer has not comp connectivity (such as usb or firewire)
therefore a no go...........
^this plus mic of your choice.


^this plus mic of your choice.


^just plug straight in!

I would do a bit more research into these products as I have only read about them and never used them.
I would advise watching the recording vids that moody put up as well as heading to www.tweakheadz.com

Why can't I use a two RCA to 3.5 cable with a standard mixer? Straight into the input on my sound card.
Really? Why wouldn't it? I'll be using a quality soundcard so I don't know what would hold it back. I thought a lot of people did this.

Edit: Though the Snowball is 80 bucks on Amazon right now! very tempting.

Oh and I just checked that thread out. He talked about doing exactly what you said would sound bad. RCA to 3.5.
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Your soundcard may be quality, but it's for playback, not recording. World of difference.
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Yeah that makes sense. I went with the snowball. At 80 bucks with free shipping I had to give it a try. Apparently a lot of people like it. Hope it doesn't let me down.