hi all, well the rounds i purchaced recently are waaaaaay to rigged for me, and even though my bass has frets, its leaving some pretty violent grooves in it. i dont mind at all, but will it affect my basses playabillity or anything besides looks (while i get new ones )?
Do you perhaps mean ridged? or rigid? Though the latter wouldn't make sense, it shouldn't do too much damage to the fretboard while you wait to replace them. What strings do you have on there to making grooves in the fretboard anyway?
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I'm assuming that you're talking about roundwound strings, and them leaving grooves in the fret wires or neck? Are the strings too rigid? I'm not really quite sure what you mean either. Maybe a picture or a better explanation would help.
It happens to all of us... even fretted basses get that. No matter what wood, string, or coating... it happens. I just wait for the day it happens to my 'wick. I will kill somebody on that day.

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