hey i just got an ibanez 7 stringer and im stoooked to say the least. so i was looking for a song or two that incorporate all of the string. maybe something not so ridiculous by Nevermore, or something along those lines.

I'm pretty good, can play pretty well so any song would help. I have been into playing styles like Between the Buried and Me and the like recently (i know its not 7 strings, i just the ****in axe) so you know what im about. thanks for anyhelp
I know Korn uses 7 strings, I think John Petrucci from Dream Theatre does. I don't think Slipknot uses 7 strings but they do downtune like crazy so 7 strings will make your life easier.
Trivium's The Crusade has some excellent use of the 7th string.
Do you use a BR-600?
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it doesn't have to be written for a seven string to make use of your extra slinky, just play any regular good old fashion death metal, and instead of drop tuning just play with the D string you already got!
ben barshai. look him up
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Denny Crane.

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Dark Eternal Night
A Change of Seasons

Both by Dream Theater, both amazing.

But they may push your boundaries.

Especially change of seasons, which is basically 24 minutes long.
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whoa man this is turning into the Dream Theater appreciation thread!!! If only every thread kicked this much ass!

You're welcome
Whitechapel's Eternal Refuge. pretty fun song and its BR00T4L!!!
oh and Giles by Unearth
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