im looking to buy a good metal guitar anywhere from 500-800$ any suggestions
some bands i like are, the devil wears prada, despised icon, parkway drive, underoath,vanna,a day to rememer.
what amp do you have?
and do you want active pups and/or a floyd rose?
some suggestions:
schecter hellraiser hardtail
schecterhellraiser floyd rose
schecter c-1 classic(more versatile)
Jackson dkmg dinky
Jackson dk2m dinky

EDIT: links cuz the other guy had them

im making a thread on this ASAP
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Those bands don't sound very metal.
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Quote by stratdud39
yeah i dont no any of those bands i just assumed they were metal cuz TS said so..

theyre like screamo/hardcore/metalcore/mathcore
Well, i've got a Dean Razorback at the moment, and I play metalcore and it fits quite perfect, but it's over your budget. My second suggestion would've been an ESP LTD Horizon of some sort.

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yea i have a marshall valvestate, ive already been playing for about 5 years, i have a fender american telecaster, im just looking for something to fit some of the heavier music i like
The the hellraiser or the C-1 classic.
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