Hello, this is my very first post in the forums here. I have been playing guitar for about two years and was looking for something to make me stand out from the rest of the guitar-savvy at my high school. While searching withing the deepest recesses of my brain for an answer to the inevitable question "What do you want for Christmas?", it suddenly hit me. I remembered the solo from Jambi by Tool and realized that I had never heard an actual talk box played by any of the "guitar-heros" of my school. Here was my oppertunity!

After doing a little research on the most popular Talk Boxes, I decided that the Rocktron Banshee was the one for me. The thing is that I have absolutely no know-how when it comes to talk boxes, and I have a few questions concerning this one. Any answers would be very much appreciated.

Question 1: Is a talk-box right for me? A wah-pedal is another good option, and I have atleast a little experience with one.

Question 2: How loud is this talk box without a microphone? I will be mainly playing alone, but hopefuly I can get my hands on one if my band preforms live. I have watched videos on YouTube showing guys using this box without any microphone and it seems loud enough, but I really want to clarify.

Question 3: Am I correct to think that this (Rocktron Banshee) is usable without any other app or equipment? I read an article on it which said that it can be used as a mini-amp with the tube removed. It would be very useful to me if I could also use it as a travel amp.

That pretty much sums it up. If you know anything about this talk box, please respond! Thank you!!!
the banshee is probaly the only one with a built in amp, its ok for practice but that amp in there is no where near loud enuf for any type of gig, i believe its only 5 watts, umm... the other ones without the built in would need a seperate mic and amp, search on yahoo answers, if you want more info, theyres a lot of stuff about them on there