in my high school AP language class we had to do an in-class essay on two poems of the same theme. they were both essentially about how knowledge attained through science has consequences in that the beauty of the mystery and ignorance of things are stripped down to scientific explanations and formulas. does anyone have any idea what poems i could be referring to? next step it to e-mail my teacher, but i'd rather not.
Are you asking what genre or type of poetry those poems are? Or are you asking for poems that fit that theme?
i'm asking for poems fitting that theme. i'm trying to figure out what they were. i'd know if i saw them. just curious.
"the naming of the parts" sort of fits in here. i forget who its by. theres two narrators.
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Damn, I just recently read something about this. It's called something like, "In defense of Poetry" or "Concerning Poetry"

AARRGHHH I can't remember.
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AP uses so many different poems from different areas, you would never know... i'm taking AP lit but i haven't come across anything like thay
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Hmm. Well what about Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold? It doesn't exactly fit that theme but it talks about the receding tide of the sea of faith. I guess that applies to receding mystery in the world.

That's all I can think of for now.