i always end up practicing the same old pentatonic bs day in day out and it isn't helping me. i want to be able to play like hendrix does in this vid. he completely changes the tone at about 1:50 and begins to play briliantly.

i need new stuff to practice that will actually help me get better, unlike the same old "stock" pentatonic riffs that i keep trying to invent. any tips for an amateur?
Well that video should certainly shut up anyone who doesn't think Hendrix had much technical ability.

Watch the video in my sig. I don't care if you hate metal; Marty's ideas can be applied to anything.
Learn more scales then just pentatonics, learn modes and how they work with chords and what not.
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Quote by EdgedInBlue
learn modes and how they work with chords and what not.
Modes aren't all that useful and they are seldom used. If theory is the way you want to go, which I suggest, start with the major then natural minor scale. The link in my sig is a good place to start.

Moreover, learn to play all over the neck, even pentatonic scales. It's a lot of fun, looks impressive, and sounds cool when you fly across 15 frets in about a second.
do the marty video thing. he just owns. if everyone saw that video, the world would be a better place.