---My Life is an abyss of sad nothingness and bad hair days strung together with the tears of my soul (Special Ted)---

I still remember way back before I became myself.
Back before I became such an individual; because no other guys
would ever wear girl jeans.
I remember before I joined the scene.

Whatever play this scene is from has to be
one fucked up play.
I can only picture a play revolving around the world
of an androgynous midget trying to make it in the
real world as an investment banker in Somalia.
Why else would girls look like peacocks in this scene?

There is something terribly and wonderfully introspective about
looking at yourself like you're the only you...
well, if you like the smell of bullshit.

Lately, I've started to like the fact I'm not too special.
If I was special, there would be expectations.
I'd have to untie a woman from train tracks (just in the knick of time)
like twice a year or people would start to think I was losing my powers.
The only thing good that ever came from being special,
was getting your own personal rubber room
(or a helmet if you're only half special).

I know its broken between stanzas... its the effect I wanted. If you hate it still tell me anyways.
I cant believe I'm actually going to tell you this but... I actually think you should do something stylistically in order to further demonstrate the separation made between the stanzas. Even italics or something.
Well, i hope that wasn't serious. No offense if it was but your life blows.
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Best song ever. Hilarious
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You can take a noob to water, but you can't like make a noob drink. Y'know?

Don't be a fucktard. Only a teenage yeti would think back hair is cool.

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i've honestly never really understood most of your stuff in the past, but i gotta say i enjoyed this, i am a fan
Only you could make depression and cynism so damn enjoyable. This is the kind of stuff i try to get with my cynical work. It's cynical, yet heartfelt and honest. It screams "this is what i am, so **** you all" I really enjoyed this
Honestly man, your **** is always well written. It's just that I always get the overwhelming feeling that it's always you in the piece. I can't seem to fit anyone else in there. I can't seem to pivot on perspectives when it comes to your pieces. The few that I can, well, I've let you know that I like them. I hope you know what I mean.

It's just me, though. I'll keep reading.

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This is the Zach that I love. I am a copycat, only yours is better.

I laughed a lot, and felt bad for doing it. Brilliant.