I just ordered a amp from Musiciansfriend.com (traynor ycv40) and there may be a problem. I had the item in my "shopping cart" on the website for awhile, and I finally ordered it. I went back to this page http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Traynor-YCV40-Custom-Valve-Combo-Amp?sku=480959) and it now says the product is not available and discontinued. When I ordered it said it was in stock, but now you can't even put it in a cart from the website because its "discontunued".

I'm wondering if this was going to be a problem?

Also i couldn't find a email address to send this question to so that would help also.

If they don't have one to send you, then they won't charge you.
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Maybe you bought the last one?
I'm pretty sure if it's in your shopping cart it reserves it (if it's in stock at the time.
They should email you with an order tracking number and a phone number, and maybe an email address too, i can't remember. You should be able to get all info from there, or go to "my account" on their website.
Nice amp btw