started wririntg this while driving into work. I actually like this one,
criticism appreciated thanks. c4c

Sometime september hiking through the forest
I was smoking a bowl admiring nature for her
colors and wonder-
she truly is trippy.
Watching trees sway, shaking loose leaves
which grab the wind for the most exciting
time of their lives-
as the free things are.
I noticed a rainbow colored leaf the size of
a large hand, fully intact and taking its own
ride on lifes thriling unkown surprise when, I
knew it was a gods' most time consumnig creation.
Asking myself if this was real I pinched my arm
then punched my gut because I'm a double checker.
Lungs reaching out grasping for air it hit me-
this is it, THAT leaf, is it.
Instilled with patience and timing is everything,
as I very well am, I watched that leaf and waited;
yeah I waited for the right time, right place, yes
I waited for the wind to deliver upon me THAT leaf-
Chances seem good, only me staying.
steady and still I focuse on that leaf as it
gluided down, rose up, flipped around and got stuck
in the branches of another tree-
well ****, thats more like my luck.
Fortunately my bowl passed time as I obssesed
over that leaf struggling to break free, and
believe me I was there when it caught the breeze.
Jumping to my feet I glared as it gently brushed
the ground, skipping around like stones skip a pond.
Shortly it stopped as fate layed it resting spot;
Come on! Come on! Come to me! I screamed, but nothing-
Knew it was too good to be true.
Trecking back miles frowning upon destiny, I told myself;
fate- destiny- they arn't anything.
Feet haulting like the stop to a fall I said it aloud;
fate and destiny are nothing, truly nothing.
With the words still being mouthed, I found I was
already half way back into the forest, now moving the
earth with each step, I soon spotted a seemingly familiar area
and froze solid like death on ice to scower the perimiter-
It is a leaf. I can just pick it up.
Angry with myself for doing nothing but getting high
and counting time, when I could of made her mine-
It's me leaf! I called and called, but nothing.
A shiny prick, in stacks of wheat sticks I could find, but
THAT one leaf, end of fall, among them all? well-
I would list what I've lost, but one of which was my mind.