My acoustic tuners SUCK. they have no screws and are elevated. One of the keys fell off and i have to use plyers to tune it.

I was thinking about buying one of these


Would it work for my acoustic just fine? it's 3 to a side, and they're all universal or what?

If so which one should I order?

ehh... id go to guitar center and buy a set of grovers... and as for 3 per side thing, if your guitar is 3 per side then yeah most any tuner will fit with the use of a drill, but if its an inline 6 set up (that i doubt as ive maybe seen 2 acoustics set up like this) then no, you will need specific inline stile tunners. you will understand better when you actually see the tuners side by side... idk lol
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taking a drill to my guitar is not really something i want to do x_x

and there ARE grovers listed on that page dood.. cheaper than at gc
Those aren't grovers, they are "grover style" tuners, and they don't give specs that I could see. If you don't want to drill into your guitar, you'll need accurate measurements of the peghole diameters and screw positions and match up the specs. Tuners come in many different sizes and it's not uncommon to do some modifications.