Can someone tell me if I can possibly achieve a Rory Gallgher sound on a RP90 Digitech?
If so maybe give me the settings? I have a budget guitar (JT-50 Custom), it's not a bad guitar, but maybe it would make a difference. I'd also like to get a blues sort of sound, like maybe, a "Band on the Run" by 'The Wings' kind of sound. Thank you
yeah use the AC30 amp model, and if you can some sort of treble booster, cause rorys rig was AC30's and a treble booster, and used some sort of OD, this was before he started leaning towrds the more hardrock tone.

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Thx all, but I just started playing guitar late last year and only have a JT-50 guitar, RP90 Pedal, and a First Act amp my brother gave me.

Thanks though, I'll check all this out.