Sorry for reposting but no1 posted on the last thread i put up on this and hoping for some help on this one.

Ive posted several posts about asking what new amp i should get to replace my line 6 amp. So far ive heard much about tube amps and how great they are. whats a tube amp and what isnt? whats so great about it and whats so bad about the ones that arent a tube amp. I already got an answer on the pros and cons and uses for combos and stack amps though thx for any help. Current budget is $500 for a new amp and can boost it up to 600. thinking about getting a peavey valveking 112 id like some opinions on that also.

Before anyone asks. i play thrash, progressive and neo-classical metal here are some examples (Megadeth, Petrucci, Paul Gilbert) I am also working on moving to playing some blues soon (just began taking guitar classes to learn the important stuff such as scales, so once i learn some blues scales im planning to improvise alot with it so id like that to be kept in mind for a new amp)
basically tube amps use vaccuum tubes to amplify the signal, the other ones, solid state (ss) amps use a transistor. The tube amp does sound better, most people would agree. after playing on a tube amp for a while you would see the tone from a ss amp would sound cold and tinny, and not very musical in general. IMO the biggest difference is that tube amps are much more sensitive to the subtle nuances you can do with your hands to accentuate certain notes/phrases.

I don't know how to describe it but for me, playing through a SS amp and a tube amp dosen't even feel the same. The tube will always seems to have more headroom and just much better articulation. I don't play metal/thrash at all and I'm not familliar with amps that would be good for that so thats about all I can say.