Sorry for the cheesy title and reposting a third time now but no1 posted on the last 2 threads i put up on this and hoping for some help on this one.

Ive posted several posts about asking what new amp i should get to replace my line 6 amp. So far ive heard much about tube amps and how great they are. whats a tube amp and what isnt? whats so great about it and whats so bad about the ones that arent a tube amp. I already got an answer on the pros and cons and uses for combos and stack amps though thx for any help. Current budget is $500 for a new amp and can boost it up to 600. thinking about getting a peavey valveking 112 id like some opinions on that also.

Before anyone asks. i play thrash, progressive and neo-classical metal here are some examples (Megadeth, Petrucci, Paul Gilbert) I am also working on moving to playing some blues soon (just began taking guitar classes to learn the important stuff such as scales, so once i learn some blues scales im planning to improvise alot with it so id like that to be kept in mind for a new amp)
Valvekings are good, B-52 At-112's are better though, I'd get that
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