Hey guys, I'm new here and I have a quick question for you.

I'm looking for a fairly nice Ibanez with a fixed bridge. The two that I've been looking at on Musiciansfriend are the RGR421EXFM, and the RG3EXFM1. This is my question: What's the difference?

The RGR421EXFM costs $100 more, but says it lists for $200 less. The RGR421EXFM is on Ibanez's site, but the RG3EXFM1 isn't.

I looked at all the specs that I can find and they appear exactly the same... Am I missing something, or is one just last years version or something?

Here are links to both of them:

Thanks a lot
the R421 has EMGs.

what kind of music do you play?

Edit: Sorry, I read into them more and would probably recommend the R421. It has better pickups for metal(which i assume is the genre you like) and the 3EXF is made of basswood which isn't the greatest tonewood.
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Ahh, ok. I can't believe I missed the wood thing. Thanks.

The pickups are listed as V7/V8 for the R421 on Ibanez's site, and that's what it says for the 3EXF too on musiciansfriend, so I just assumed they were the same...

As far as music.... all kinds. I usually find myself playing a lot of rock and metal though. My favorite band is Metallica, and I like all of their stuff except St. Anger really, if that tells you my style. lol. I also really like..... 3 Doors Down, AC/DC, Alter Bridge, Avenged Sevenfold, Black Sabbath, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Dream Theater, Godsmack, Guns N Roses, Joe Satriani, Killswitch Engage, Linkin Park, Megadeth, Mudvayne, Nickleback, Pantera, Porcupine Tree, Racer X, Rob/White Zombie, Seether, Shinedown, some Slayer, some Slipknot, Staind, Stone Sour, Three Days Grace, Van Halen, and Velvet Revolver... To name a few.... haha

I have an S320 right now, and I like it a lot, but the ZR bridge is just really annoying when I want to witch tunes. So what i'm planning on doing is putting that one permanently in drop C and then using this one to switch between standard and drop D since it has the fixed bridge.

Thanks for the help. Looks like a good site here that I've been missing out on
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Maybe one is a discontinued model?

But don't let basswood sway your decision. Cheap basswood isn't too great. The basswood they put in that guitar will be fine, trust me. Btw, Joe Satriani and Paul Gilbert both play basswood guitars.
Wow... Well yeah if they're doing all they do with basswood it can't be that bad. lol.

What do you think about the pickups? They both say V7/V8, except for what he said about the EMG thing. Are they just advertising that now and didn't before? Or what's going on with that?
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