I made this when i was messing around in a weird tuning on my acoustic. It's a little sloppy and jumbled becaue i recorded it in one take and just went with whatever i though of when i played.

If it's good i will re record it and make it sound more polished.


and if anyone has any ideas for a title, just say because i'm completly stumped
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Oddly enough I get a really egyptian feel from it.Could be that it sounds like there is a sitar and droaning vocals.I instantly thought of it having this grand scope.Somehing like being turned into an orchestrial peice as the soundtrack to the mummy or something.

It is quite different.I suggest checking ou the song Home by Dream Theater. you could turn it into something in the same vein.

What tuning is that btw?
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Hey i think i'm gonna use it as an intro to a song i'm working on, but i gotta make up the rest of the song (that dream theater song was the effect i was going for)

i've decided to name it endless dunes because it does have an egyptian feel to it

the tuning is all strings tuned to D