electromatic pro jet w/bigsby, has anyone had any expirience with it? most of the reviews ive read are good, should i get it? i like to play classic rock and blues.
My older brother has it. Its a really great guitar especially for what you want to play. I say go for it.

And to the guy above me... Really what was the point of your post. If anything is disgraceful that is.
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Yeah, they're nice. I almost bought one awhile ago. They can be a little too bright, I think, and they're impossible to find a case for unless you just get the $120 Gretsch one, but they feel really, really good. I've read that a TV Jones pickup swap can net you a fantastic guitar, so if you pick one up maybe try that.
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Hmm, just my opinion but I tried one and found it uninspiring. Mega heavy too if I recall, not that that's the end of the world.
i didnt care much for it but it might hav been the amp, thru the same amp the ibanez artcore i was playing sounded better
Mine weighs a tad under 7 pounds, but I've heard they can vary from guitar to guitar. I believe these guitars to be the best-kept secret out there. For the money they can't be beat, especially considering that with a pickup swap it is sonically indistinguishable from a $2300 Duo Jet. The stock Gretsch mini-humbuckers sound pretty good too, at least running through a Vox AD50VT.