thats not in California, Hawaii, and NY. just wondering...cuz i live in CA and there are loads of it.
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ya wat

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i got some pretty bangin asian food by me in NJ..i basically live in NY though its like 7 minutes from ny state border and like 15 from the city. but there good places all around. just had sweet and sour chicken last night and it was awesome
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I'm not entirely sure what this thread is about.

And my example is of a thai resturant, so I'm not entirely sure it's valid.

(And its in CA)


There's this Thai restaurant called "phucket"
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so much ****ing asian food my nuts exploded just last week
and they used them to make sweet and sour pork balls
guess which nut was the sour
there are like two billion asians on the planet. you should be able to find on everywhere. then you just have to cook them and eat them.

did anyone else read the thread title as a question about cannibalism?
I have no opinion on this matter.