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this tuesday my band will have to tryout for the talent show, i know we'll make it but i was just wondering if people who have played in a talent show have tips. like what NOT to due to avoid embarrassment. The dicks at my school can become quite bothersome. they've never messed with me/my band but have messed with my friends causing me to slam one into a locker . i don't wanna provoke them and i dont wanna ruin my bands rep. no-one has really listened to us except someone from journalism who did a column on us. He hangs with those guys and i heard him say we were pretty cool.
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Pick songs with a more mainstream feel...
Be polite?

Dont say too many words or people will get the impression your stumbling, a few quick well chosen ones is best.

No matter what anybody says, if you play good music then people will know your for real and dismiss the others.

thats all i remember my band did.
Don't compromise your sound in order to build a bigger following from after that gig, because then your fans will have a different expectation of you. However at the same time, don't be so high on your guns that your audience wont remember you for anything. You want to connect to the audience you're going to play in front of.

In one of my older projects, we played one of our first gigs at a local high school talent show, and we covered Pantera's "Walk". Right before we played, there was this awkward scene in which we were setting up and while the drummer was putting the last fine tweaks in, I was scanning the audience. This was our vocalist's high school and not mine, so I knew nothing about the school's stats. I look up, and all the seats are pretty much filled with teenage black females. I'm not here to profile or whatnot, but you know this isn't the right 'crowd,' unless our cultural landscape has made a turn on its axis. We however realize there's no going back and we bust out with our song anyway.

We tear it up pretty hard, and I noticed a lot of these girls were rocking it hard and having a good time, whether they would remember the band or not. However, since the natural energy and performance effort was there, the people that WOULD take notice in something like that sure did, and we picked up surprisingly more fans than we expected that day.

And forget about the dicks. Doing what you do best anyway (music) gives you a natural edge against these jerks.

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We picked a ROCK CLASSIC and are the only band, ever, to be opening all three talent shows! (they are layered in year groups where i am). Plus we made sure we had it nailed and me and the lead vocalist have stage presense. As in i climbed the speaker stack to perform the solo! Just be technically accurate and have that energy that screams at an audience that you are enjoying yourself!

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Me and my band just did one last night at our local high school, the only important thing is to make sure you know your stuff, and don't get nervous....during auditions (we just started learning the song the night before) we messed up and had to restart three times because we got so nervous that we forgot our cues. but we practiced our tooshies off for the rest of the week and the night of the show we even played standing (during the auditions we were unable). A few other acts featured guitarists, and two of them atleast were much better than we were. we did mess up once but got back together and kept going, and everybody said we did real good...so if you absolutely know your part and don't get too nervous you should be ok...ps I had a big hole in the crotch on mai jeans from practice the day before where I jumped on mai amp and ripped them, and I tried to sew it up but I failed...so dun worry about stuff like that