Would it be worth the time to paint my red Squier Affinity Strat to look like the Monterey Pop strat?
Or would it be a waste of a paint job since the guitar isn't that good?
I'd rather paint a cheap guitar, then potentially ruin a high quality instrument, so yes, I think an affinity strat would be a good choice for a paint job.
Meh it's up to your budget. YEARS ago I put a Seymour Duncan sh-8 Invader in a $150 ibanez and paid for it to be set up. Along with that I threw in some straplocks, and "custom" knobbies. Well over the price of the guitar, and it today sounds like crud through my Mesa. Though I'm not really sure why..
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If your doing the work then no its not a waste. But if you were going to pay 2 or 3 hundred for the job then be different.
Yes, I am going to paint it myself.
So it wouldn't be a waste of time then because at the end of the day it's just a really good looking Squier?
i say do it its a good feeling knowing that you painted your own guitar
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Some sand paper and a couple of cans of paint cost what 20 bucks so not a bad investment. And its a step in the ladder of modding and building guitars, gotta start somewhere.