Does anyone here own this guitar?

I'm not that huge of a Trivium fan, or even a Dean one, but I love the ML shape. I'd get the '79, but I vastly prefer 24 frets and an ebony fretboard. That, and the '79 is only $500 so I'm not exactly the most confident in its quality. Not that it sucks, but it is what it is for that much money, which isn't much.

I have a few questions though...

1. How dark is that ebony on it? In pictures I've seen, it looks like rosewood. And how does it feel?

2. Does it have the shaved heel?

3. How does it feel/sound compared to your other guitars?

Much thanks in advance
your not a dean fan but your thinking about buying one... Doesn't make sense
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Quote by dubes216
your not a dean fan but your thinking about buying one... Doesn't make sense

I said I'm not a huge fan, not that I didn't like them. I also said I love the ML shape.
from playing one i would say they are nothign really pecial, the pups didnt do it for me and also in my oppinion its UGLYYYY and even though i play les pauls this one is ridiculessly heavy.

i know that Dean do some other 24fretters not entirely sure about if there is an ML out there.

but best advice, travel to a store that does them u know you might just find the one you like or something else in a different store that you travelled too

hope this helps
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The MKH does have the shaved heel you're talking about, and it does have 24 frets. He had some good ideas on the design on it, but I'm not too crazy about it. He moved the front strap knob back a little bit (It never bothered me where it's traditionally at) and the new jack location is only handy if you're playing with a wireless setup. Otherwise it's kind of a nuisance.

The 79' Series is a pretty great guitar to be honest. In my opinion it is Dean's flagship model right now (As far as the imports are concerned) and for only $500 it's a steal for the price. Both the MKH and the 79' Series have all Grover hardware, so they're up to snuff

Dean has offered some 24 fret models, but they're kinda rare today. Most of them are/were custom orders. As far as the fretboard is concerned, I'm not too sure. Dean usually has a run of both Ebony and Rosewood. The Razorback pics all show Ebony fretboards but most of them have rosewood. I was lucky to get an Ebony on mine =P
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