Hi All,

I would give my left nut to anyone who has Since I've Been Loving You Live (as performed on the "The Song Remains the Same" album) in GUITAR PRO tab format.

I've found a few TSRTS guitar bro tabs (Stairway, Dazed and Confused, Whole Lotta Love, and The Song Remains the Same), but can't track down since I've been loving you, except for in "tab" format, and even then, it isn't a complete tab. Besides, Guitar Pro gives you the awesome feature of having a backing track (albeit a RSE midi) to jam along to.

I think the live rendition of Since I've Been Loving You is a masterpiece, and IMO, is significantly better than the original in emotion, tone and over-all Zeppelin "feel" (but then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder).

Obviously, I can't give you one of my testicles over the internet, all I can give you is endless appreciation, and and be in your debt for the rest of my life.

Thanks, regards, and ****ing rock on!

This is the "tab" version that I found, which as I mentioned earlier, is quite good, but since I'm only a pitiful rookie, I rely on Guitar Pro to help me out with the timing etc.

Also, the tab isn't the full song.