Hey all.

Now, I'm very happy with my stock pickups that came in my Epi. LP Std, but obviously they should be changed eventually. I'm in no rush. But I need some help.

Here is THE tone that I am after, for LP's.


It's Joe Bonamassa's Blues Deluxe, if you dont want to look at the video. Its a god damn epic video though I highly reccomend watching the whole thing. Interesting blend of Gary Moore and Eric Johnson and SRV.

I play through a Blues Junior and use a TS9 and I come close with the stock pickups but they don't take the cigar. What pickups would you reccomend?
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Sounds like a PAF to me.

Idk what kind of specs they're wound to, check out WCR for PAF type of humbuckers. They do a pretty good job.