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17 49%
18 51%
Voters: 35.
The 6am air guitar thread made me think - Are air instruments gay or awesome?

I'd say it really depends, I mean if you are at a concert air guitaring through a solo - no one will think you're gay. If you are at school with your headphones on air guitaring - you are gay. Air drums are pretty much fine anywhere, I've found out.

Overall I'd say that air instruments are still NOT gay, and ARE awesome in public.
Yes, because air instruments are a sure sign that you're sleeping with other members of the same sex.

Gay =/= opposite of awesome.
Well, you aren't picking up chicks anywhere, but I find people really don't say anything to you if you do them.

I seldomly air drum and rarely air guitar, but still.
I think it's awesome. I drum my steering wheel while driving. I play air bass. It just looks gay when I slap and pop next to my crotch. Sometimes, it ends up painful.

Bass tones are hard to find.
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God I hate it when people do that at like Satch concerts, stick their hands up and pretend they can actually play what the guitarist is. If you can play so well why aren't you performing?
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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yeah i end up doing it unintentionally, i look like a ****ing retard.

I was air-guitaring the Toki's part of Birthday Dethday today, and I rocked it hard! Wowee!
Now, if you do what I do, and run around acting like youre playing on stage in front of a sold out arena, then theres nothing more awesome!!! I love to see people's reactions when my friends and I jump around acting like Steve Vai and Billy Sheehan on Davin Lee Roth's solo tours back in the day!

air guitar=METAL
therefore, air guitar=AWESOME!!!
It all depends on location, like in the street is wicked, but on stage is dumb as ****
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It all depends on location, like in the street is wicked, but on stage is dumb as ****

If you're on stage air guitaring, something is extremely wrong.
Once I was on the train and started playing the air drums to what was playing on my iPod without noticing. Everyone started staring at me, but I just shrugged and continued after I noticed.
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If you're on stage air guitaring, something is extremely wrong.

agreed xD
or maybe...he is a singer that wants to play guitar but can't ;D
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i air guitar/piano/trumpet/bass when im driving around.
and i do at concerts.

but i voted gay..
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Air guitaring is stupid since people go way over the top, air bassing and air drumming is okay because people actually pretend to play the instruments how you normally would.
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