Hey all

I recently added a 1990 Ibanez radius to my collect and its a great guitar and all that,but it has some pretty heavy fret wear.The top 4 have grooves in them and most of the others are nearly flat.My question would be how much can I expect to pay for a full fret dress? I love the guitar and want it to be in the best playing condition it can be in but I honestly have no clue how much a job like this would set me back.
you could do it yourself, I believe all the tools can be bought from stew mac
I would like to avoid the DIY route as much as possible,I don't have much experience in this field and would hate to end up failing epically and damaging the guitar even more.
I just talked to Dan Earlwine about this. He does it by hand or a plek machine. And the charge was $235.00. Your choice I would prefer the plek machine myself.

But at least that should give you a ballpark figure for a fretdress and recrown of the fret-board
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Thanks for the info.That was in the price range that I figured itd be, about 200-300 bucks.