im gonna put some wheels on my 4x12 cab and im wondering if it will have less thumpy bass if i do this?
Thats something I've always wondered myself. The Orange 4x12 comes with no wheels and that thing will shake the ground. The only way to really tell is two identical stacks one with wheels and one without. I'm too lazy though... so someone else can try it.
I removed the wheels on both my cabs. Without them the cab sounds thicker and has better bass reflection from sitting on the ground. You'll often see guitarists on stage tilt their cabs on their side for this reason.
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My biggest problem with wheels on cabs is that I can hear them rattle.

As a genreal rule having wheels will mean your cab is further off the ground and like van noord pointed out, that can change bass responce.
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Yeah I lay my cabs on their sides when playing for this same reason among others. The wheels do help to transport the cabs and I'd rather safely roll my cabs then worry about dropping them after unloading all the other heavey ass equipment we have.
I draw your attention to the search bar, and a post I made about 24 hours ago:

The problem of losing bass is solved by simply installing the castors on the side of a cab. Once its in position, you simply tip it back onto its base.


Bass frequencies from the cab are transferred to the floor, increasing the "amount of bass you hear". The less of the cab in contact with the floor, the less bass response. Its not a major worry with guitar amps though. If it really worries you, do as I suggested above and tip the cab onto its side.

As for castors rattling, good quality ones, well maintained ones will not make any such noise.
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how do those marshall handles compare tonewise to, say, mesa handles?

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thanks. yeah im probably gonna get some casters to put on my marshall cab today. im gonna get the ones with the locking wheels so i dont have to worry about it rolling off stage haha. "RUN AWAY AMPS"!! the stage at my church is one of those portable platform stages. the platform sits like 3 feet off the ground and has like 6 pieces. i have been getting complaints from some of the band that my amp rattles the stage too much. so im hoping the wheels will do the trick. plus it will help with transporting since the stupid carry handles on my cab is made of plastic! (sarcastic voice) > thanks for the cost cutting plastic handles.