I was playing my guitar a couple of days ago on a hot day, and the bit of my arm near my wrist was leaning on the guitar, near the bridge but not on the bridge. Now, my guitar has a very dry finish (yeah not glossy or anything), and now there's a shiny spot on my guitar above the bridge.

I've tried to get it off with a dry cloth but that doesn't work, does anyone know what I'd need to get it off? It's really annoying me and cutting from my playing time since I look at it and go urghh, I don't wanna accidentally do that again.

Thanks guys, peace.
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guitars get marked when being used. it adds character.

deal with it.
Thank you please.

I don't think you understand what I mean. It looks like it should be cleanable and if I don't clean it, eventually the paint will start to wear off.
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I'm in need of a guy
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Go to your local guitar/music store and buy some guitar polish, and one of those really soft rags, so it won't scratch it when applying the polish.
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^ thanks dude.

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