It seems PRS has addressed my main complaint about the SE Custom; needs a Custom 24 variant. Now there is one;


Being the cheapass I am, I'm debating getting this instead of a Mira next and getting coil-tap installed third-party or, since I live close to the factory, taking it to the US PRS factory and get it modded by them so I don't void the warranty. Thoughts on doing that, or, more importantly, thoughts on the new PRS in general?

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AFAIK they dont make a Mira SE. So are you comparing a Mira to an SE? Obvious answer would be to chose the Mira.
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The SE range seem good on the face of it for the money. I tried the Custom, semi-hollow and soap bar (I think) a while ago when I was in the market for a mid range axe and none of them were that inspiring I recall. They weren't bad don't get me wrong, they just didn't do alot for me.
Between those two I'd go for the mira anyday. If you can stretch an extra $150-200 though go one better and get a CE 24
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Get the Mira anyday.

+1 (based on the USA PRSes I've tried, i haven't tried the Mira yet).

Assuming you're cheaping out but still have the money for the Mira.
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