I actually thought this song was really good. The guitar and bass were both solid and I really liked the vocals. The singer doesn't have an amazing voice, but it matched the song perfectly.

The only problem I see with this song is the drummer. The beat is incredibly simple, but not played in time. The fills were also out of time and didn't work with the song. The actually recording quality of the drums was decent though. I don't mean to sound too harsh. I really liked the song.

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thx, yeh im not happy with the drummin but cant be bothered to redo it yet

I'll crit yours in a while, gotta afk
I like it. Not what i listen to, but it's definently old school, Beatles sounding which i assume is the sound your looking for. All the instruments are pretty solid, but the drumming is a bit bland. The singing is good too, but theres a couple times its off-key. Overall, its a good song though and it's very catchy.

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sounds good, cant hear the vocals very well. and +1 on the drumming. Singing sometimes gets off but the harmonies are a good touch. But the song has a good feel and i konw where your coming from talking about a girl flirting too much, haha

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recording works. the vocals seem to have been edited to much/have to much reverb of something. i think if you lighten up on some of that and make them louder/more up front it will sound better. its a cool song though. i like the singing. reminds me of early clasic rock stuff of the 60's. lyrics are cool. nice job!. very cetchy lil tune. rock on man.

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