I know this sounds weird, but is there a way to reduce my acoustic sound?
because it sounds loud.
I am using Yamaha F310.
Stuff it with soft things

But you'd dont wanna do that.
Do a johnny cash and fill it with pills.
I THINK stuffing it with soft material like old rags or a t-shirt maybe, that might help. It seems to work with drum kits so give it a shot!
put some duct tape over your soundhole, but don't cover it all
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Soft objects would deaden the sound a lot but covering the hole would keep the liveliness while making it a little quieter.
Do you use a BR-600?
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You can buy a solid or vented device, that sits in your soundhole and reduces output.

They use them to reduce feedback when using a microphone on stage or during recording.

Like a Mute for a wind instrument.

THIS Clicky
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your help really helped
I wonder if I can this suppressor in my country
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Here's another way to mute down a guitar easily. Roll up a paper towel or two into a tight tube and slide it up under the strings to the bridge and wedge it under the strings and the wood of the bridge. If it's too quiet, remove it and peel off some the paper then shove it back in again. Keep doing this until you get a nice sound. String mutes work this way, just a lot more expensive than a sheet of paper.
When you palm mute with your picking hand, you rest the palm of your hand against the strings right close to the bridge saddle. This is the same idea, just for all of the strings at once.
As mentioned above, use lighter strings.

The lighter the guage, the less volume the guitar will project.

Maybe some silk and steel lights.