Hey, I'm just wondering what people's thoughts are on posting pictures of yourself playing guitar on facebook are. Would people look at it as being interesting and unique or would you just be an attention *****/tool? I realize a lot of people on facebook are just there for attention anyway, but would this be crossing the line?
its not really something i lie awake at night worrying about mate, seriously.
The same reason people have pictures taken in their new car, with their new dog, with their girlfriend etc.

Because it feels good man.

I don't know, I guess it's a way to get constructive criticism. Just make sure you can actually play before you go posting videos though. I am sometimes embarassed at how bad some people are.
The below is false.
The above is true.

*world implodes*
Just search Achokarlos on Youtube. He is definitely the best man at posting videos of himself playing. Trust me.
Do what you want.

I think its kinda lame to pose for pictures in general, but if someone took a shot of me playing, I'd probably put it up on my profile. People would probably **** themselves seeing that I do something constructive with my life.
This is why I don't like arguing on the internet.
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