Ok, here's a little thread on my guitar project, basically to motivate me. A while ago I came into possession of an Aria Flying V body and neck. A very nice guitar, but it had been treated very shabbily. It was covered in dents and gouges, and the various previous owners had (badly) applied about 10 different paint jobs, one on top of the other. I thought I could do something with it, so the owner gave me it for free.

My big problem is that it's a right-handed guitar, and I'm a left-handed guitarist. So as well as refinishing it and kitting it out with as much nice gear as my £100 can cover, I'm going to convert it into a lefty.

I'm not messing with the trem... the body is routed for a RH floyd, so that's what's going on it. Never did Stevie Ray Vaughan any harm! The headstock is also staying as is... partly because converting it is probably beyond a noob like me, and partly because I like reverse headstocks anyway.

Sorry if I'm rambling, I'm getting quite excited about embarking on my first proper project!

Anyway, here's the guitar with its multiple paint-jobs sanded off...

And here's my first piece of kit purchased for it...

Believe it or not I picked the floyd up for £1.20 on ebay, plus £5 p&p. So my total spend so far is £6.20 of £100. Not bad for a body, neck and trem.

Next step is to fill the control cavity on the right and make a new one on the left. More pics to follow when I get that done...
Is the routing on a right handed Floyd, different then a lefty? Good to know if it is.

I have a Washburn Dime V I'll be converting to left-handed soon. Gonna swap the nut for a Floyd Rose nut, relocate the strap buttons, and do something with the controls. Playing with the pedal idea. Gonna make some type of plate to cover the old control holes since I don't want to repaint. I like the factory camo.

Can't wait to see how this turns out!
It's hard to see in that picture, but on the trem routing the hole for the block goes right to the edge of the rout on the right hand side, but only to within an inch of the left hand side. I was fairly sure that floyds were symmetrical, I guess they come in different shapes and sizes. They definitely come in different sizes, because the one I bought doesn't quite fit in that cavity, meaning I've got more pesky routing to do!
Ah, I see it (Gotta love the zoom plugin for Firefox!).

I can't figure it being to hard to make the hole for the block slightly bigger. Even with a drill, and a hack saw. Just a thought. I myself would rather have the lefty Floyd, but if its no big deal for you, then go for it! Makes yours different!
I've just had a closer look, and the block on the trem doesn't even come close to the hole on either side, so a left-handed one would fit in easily.

I'll keep my eyes peeled on ebay for a cheap left handed one, but as you say it's not a big deal for me, so I'm happy to use the righty.
I desire that V so much. I have an Aria V myself(check the profile), they are beautiful things.
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Quick update on the build... and the first of probably many disasters!

I routed the control cavity today. It's pretty rough, but it was the first time I'd ever used a router. And I'll clean up the recess with a chisel before finishing.

"But why is there a piece of pine stuck in the bottom of it?" I hear you cry. Glad you asked. Due to over-enthusiasm and blatant ignorance of the "measure everything 539652 times" rule, I measured the depth of the existing cavity, and started merrily routing the new one. What I failed to notice is that the wing with the existing cavity on it is quite a bit deeper than the other one (I maintain that this is pretty easily missed... why would they be different thicknesses?), so my final pass with the router went right through. Aaaaaargh!

After half an hour of major tantrum, I figured maybe all was not lost, and came up with idea of gluing a piece of wood in the back of the cavity, then filling the hole in the front with epoxy putty and sanding it flush. Is there any reason this wouldn't work? Please don't say there is!
Just buy a piece of pickguard material for like 10 pouncs and then mark out where you need to cut it.
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I filled the hole, and it seems ok. Also filled the original right-handed cavities, pictures to follow when I've sanded it down. I also ordered a few parts today, so hopefully they'll come before the weekend and I can post pictures of them too. I'm struggling to stay under budget though, despite having already had the body and neck! Is everyone counting primer, paint and lacquer into their £100? If not, that should bring it back within budget.

Meanwhile, here's a quick mockup I made of the finished project. The headstock is obviously different, and the body shape is different where the neck joins. Other than that this is basically pretty close to how I want it to turn out...

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Is there meant to be pictures in the thread? 'Cause I can't see any..


Nvm, there they are.
if you dont mind doing a bit off mucking around i know how you can put a lefty floyd on there
See how on the right side its routed right to the edge? Well.. do that on the left side. Then you have to route the part for the bridge a bit more to the left so the the floyd will fit. Then get some wood and fill in the other side so that a hole is not visible on that side
Oh wait... You've already bought the floyd

That floyd.... your going to regret buying it after you use it. They are so hard to string up and then tune it. After tuning for about 10mins, with a cheap FR like yours it will go out of tune very quickly and will take you to hell and back...

Good luck with the build though
Got gear! No more pics of the guitar, it's at my parents' because I use their garage to work on it. I'm going over later today, so I'll hopefully get some pics. I've got all the dings filled and sanded back, so the next step is to route the trem cavity to size, then do the drilling.

dude where'd you get those emg style covers ?
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dude where'd you get those emg style covers ?

From an ebay shop called guitarpartsworldwide.

Some of the other bits came from another ebay shop called CH guitars, and the rest was from Axetec.
sweet! I would have thought that turning a righty v into a lefty v would have only involved turning the guitar 180 degrees (my way doesn't require power tools) but i guess theres a little more to it than i thought. i can't wait to see what you do with this besides just flipping it.
The filling of holes, dents and mistakes (!) is finished now, just got to sand back a few bits of epoxy filler and it's ready for drilling.

I glued blocks of wood into the cavities, then levelled it off with epoxy putty and sanded it level.

you could fill in the cavity and bolt the floyd directly on to the body, like those hardtails with fine tuners you get on some guitars.....
I don't know, I'm just brainstorming.
Done the floyd routing and drilled the control holes, but unfortunately I don't have pics yet, the guitar's still at my parents' house.

Frustrated at not having it to work on today, I spent a while designing a headstock logo. I'm not sure whether to just have my initials... I kinda like the "GUITARS" bit because it completes the loop on the bottom of the S, but it might be a bit wanky? I am planning on doing at least one other build after this, so the "guitars" plural will hopefully be justified eventually! Thoughts???

^ Yeah.

If you want something to fill out the logo (because I agree, having something between the letters will fill it out) use something like "CUSTOM" or "SPECIAL"

Just a thought.
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I reckon I'll just take out the "guitars" bit and leave it as the initials. It was far too pretentious, and I don't like the look of anything else in there. Even tried a silhouette of a guitar, but it didn't look right.

Update-wise, I don't have much to report. Just the final sanding to do, then it's ready for finishing. Hopefully it should be completed by the end of the month. Here's a pic of the dry-run hardware fitting. The pickup switch isn't fitted yet, because I'm waiting for the drill bit to be delivered!

nice work!
i'm amazed you got a FR trem for £6.20!!!.
look forward to seeing the final product.
Hmm, need a wee bit of advice here. When I did the dry run pictured above, it became clear that one of the holes for the trem posts was a little off. I filled them with epoxy putty and tried to redrill them, but the putty just cracked and shattered when I drilled it. As a result, I have two completely useless holes on my guitar! How should I go about refilling them so I can redrill them properly?
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maybe with wood dowl? Glued in place? You should be able to drill through.

yes, dowel is the answer.