Hi all,

I'm new here but active at another guitar board under the same name and a regular ebay buyer and seller under the name "nycbiddingfool." I'm another guy in midlife crisis who's been bitten by the "bug." I suspect many can identify.

Here's the story: Mojave has a special deal going on for the purchase of a Peacemaker and a Coyote. Basically you buy the Peacemaker at MSRP ($3125 + shipping) and you get the Coyote for "free." I spoke yesterday to Victor Mason, Mojave's owner, and the promotion will end any day now as it's limited to stock on hand and inventory is low.

He is holding a demo Coyote for me. I am looking for someone who wants the Peacemaker at an unbelievable price so that we can both take advantage of the promotion pricing. Together, we would each get our amp over 38% off retail.

My "partner" in the deal, the buyer of the Peacemaker, would pay Mojave directly for his/her amp and the amp would be shipped directly to that person. The receipt would be in his/her name. The amp is brand spanking new w/ full warranty. I'd do the same w/ the Coyote. The price for the Peacemaker is $1964 delivered in the CONUS. Credits cards are OK but there would be a 3% fee if you use one. I suspect he'd ship internationally but haven't asked and don't know the price.

If you'd like to join me in taking advantage of this great deal, PM me or email me (better) through my profile as soon as possible. If you'd like to discuss it, email/PM me your phone number and I'll call you.

I've done a bunch of deals here and have plenty of references if requested.

Please jump on this. I really want to buy this amp! PM me, email me, or post here as I'll check regularly. We do need to act soon though.
You should post some pics, prolly with your username in them somewhere you would get alot more interest that way.
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There are a couple of interested parties but as of yet none who has made the commitment to move forward. Thus, it's bumperooski time.