how much would you pay extra if you were to trade a blues jr for a JCM 800 4104 combo? I'm going to try to throw my Agile 3000 in there too to even it out more. Theyre both in similar condition. Thanks.
Edit: he's selling it for $750
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I would think he would probably want you to throw in anywhere from $300-$500. Just a guess on my part. Considering you can pick up the BJ new for 479 and less if there is a deal going on somewhere. If he were to take the Agile take an extra $150-$200 off that price. You may be able to work out a deal with him though. I would look at the condition of the 800 and point out any tolex tears, etc. and try to negotiate a fair trade.
his asking price seems rather steep to me. I bought a 4103,in very good shape for 22 years old, for $580 a couple of years ago
I would do it. But then my main amp for the last 20 years has been a 4104.

If it's got the over under input jacks and G12-65 speakers that's a reasonable asking price. I would instantly make that trade. If it's got horizontal jacks talk him down a little. If it's got the G12-75s talk it down more.
BJ (used) $350
Agile (used) $175

JCM (after haggling) hopefully around $710

710 -350-175=185

Thus, an extremely rough estimate is $185. $360 if you don't manage to throw your Agile in.