Before you bomb me with "go check the google/faq/etc". I've searched google, youtube, this board and alot other (Including the instruction manual, my guitar, BC's website and so on) but I can't seem to find out how to restring the guitar.

I got a warlock, and apparently I need to get the silver ball in somewhere UNDERNEATH the bridge, or something along those lines. But I have no idea what so ever how to do that. The instruction manual shows how to change strings on another kind of bridge (speedloader).

Also, I don't know the bridge type for warlocks. But hopefully, as I assume atleast some of you guys got a bc guitar, you should know how to deal with them. Thanks in advance..

edit; I've only earlier restringed an acoustic guitar, and only been shown how to change strings on a fender.
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You need to take all the strings off and remove of push the bridge back to put the new strings on and just replace the bridge. it should slide right off the posts but sometime you need to back off one or the other just count or measure how far you move it so you get it back in the same position.

Uhh id prolly start with unscrewing the screws that hold the tail piece onto the posts. Then it should be all gravy from there. Have you changed strings on ANY guitar before?
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dont turn the posts.! they adjust string height! do as johnro said!

Yeh not the posts just the screws that secure the tailpiece to the posts! It's called reading comprehension!!!

Atleast that's what those screws look like they do.
A friend of mine, who won't tell me how the hell I replace the strings, also got a Warlock. He claims that you don't need to adjust the bridge at all, and its just about peeling in the string?
Yeh no bridge adjustment. Just get in there and change them. Im sure you cant mess it up that much./
Sounds like he has no clue what he's talking about. These wraparound bridges seem to always be too close to the bridge pups on most guitars I ever worked on. If you take the strings off the bridges usually fall right off the posts the strings are what holds it tight to the posts. Sometimes one post is a lot lower than the other cocking the bridge so it's very tight on the posts so you have to back one off but if no one screwed with the bridge height it should be fairly loose.

So, remove strings, remove bridge, add strings, add bridge, done?
Wanted to make sure I was supposed to remove the bridge before doing it. Who knows, I could've broken the guitar.

So, instead of doing something stupid. I remove these, and then the bridge comes of. Correct?
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Wanted to make sure I was supposed to remove the bridge before doing it. Who knows, I could've broken the guitar.

ha ha yeah true

*bad floating bridge memories come to mind*
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So, instead of doing something stupid. I remove these, and then the bridge comes of. Correct?

You don't need to. You actually don't have to take the bridge off at all, I always put strings on mine without taking it off....

I saw how the strings were secured and figured it out myself, I always thought it was pretty straightforward. (Had it been a Floyd I would have done this, I'm totally ignorant to those type of bridges)
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Problem is that I can't seem to peel it in in any kind of way, it just won't jump into place even though I try to put it where the other strings rest (but in this string's own hole)
You shouldn't have to remove any screws, The problem is it's a wrap around bridge and it's right up against the pick up trim ring you can't sqeeze the sting end between them. All you need to do is remove the strings the bridge will just come off the posts take the old string out replace with the new slide the bridge back on the posts run the string thru the tuners while holding the bridge in place. It's not rocket science the guitar will not brake. I have been working on guitars for 30+ years trust me it's very easy.

Let me take a pick of one of the reapir parts I have and show you what the bridge looks like from underneath.

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In the first pic those are adjustment screws that mover the bridge back and forth over the posts.

The second pic shows the bridge over the posts it just slides into the slots in the posts nothing holds it physically on the posts but the tention of the strings

The thrid pic is of the underside of the bridge where the string mount. you put them in in the direction of the yellow arrow wrap them around the front over the saddles and up to the tuners.

I hope that helps you get the string replaced.