So I got my first ticket from the cops, or "po - po" if you will, tonight.

I pulled an illegal U-turn at an intersection.

I understand that what i did was completley my fault so i'm not complaining and the cops weren't dicks, they were just doing there job.

That $198 sure is gunna eat into my christmas presant budget though lol

What were some of the Pits first tickets?

-Cumming blood
-Your mum
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$198! Holy **** that's steep

Yet to be fined myself
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My first traffic ticket was for speeding, doing 60 mph in a 45 zone. All in all, it cost almost $180 to take care of.
speeding, 127 km in an 80 km zone. 445 bucks
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49 in a 25, was originally $128, but the judge knocked it down to $104, which was pretty sweet.
85 mph in 55mph. Got it reduced to a broken speedometer, like $80.
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No tickets yet, has to be soon though, my bike can only do 60mph, so i do 60mph everywhere
Yea, I was getting ready to type "Symposium" myself.

But as for driving ticket, never.
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speeding, 127 km in an 80 km zone. 445 bucks

That's 3 kms short of you getting your car impounded. Close call
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Yeah, I said it.

Thats to good!

Got mine slow down to get to 25mph from 35mph doing 29. Something like $84. Bored small town cops do not mess around! They got a tough job though, my dad is on the fuzz, and some of the **** he has told me, ****ed up. And now he's a small town Cheif.
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1st one, doing 75 in a 55, but the officer wrote it as 69 in a 55, then i had it knocked down in court to careless driving.

Yesterday I got one for "tailgaiting" but the officer wrote it as unsafe driving, which is $85.
It's crap though beause I wasnt tailgaiting. We were going down a 25 MPH road, and they always have cop checkpoints there every morning so i was going slow. The car in front of me slams on his breaks when he sees the cop, and i started to slow down, so i got a ticket for tailgaiting...
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pfft $198......i got a $650 ticket and lost my license for a year....beat that

Edit: I convinced the officer to not impound my car as well.
I got my first one for driving 64km/h where 50 were allowed. Meh, just 25€, nothing too bad. The picture the camera took of me adds a lot of style and and class to that ticket: I look like a hobo.

I'm gonna frame it and hang it up.
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I got my first one for driving 64km/h where 50 were allowed. Meh, just 25€, nothing too bad.

30€ for not wearing a seatbelt in the back seat (curse my friend for forgetting to turn on his lights)
None yet pulled over plenty though.
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Why do you assume there's going to be a second? Are you planning to commit a crime? Anything you say can and will be used against you in court.
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$200 for running a red light.

Thing is, I didn't see the light. I thought it was a stop sign. So I stopped, looked, and turned. And when I saw the lights I was like WTF?
$90 for improper lane change, got pwned by a semi truck on the highway, cop was nice about it though considering.
I backed into a car that was parked on the other side of the street in my big ass work truck when I was 17. $80 ticket for "unsafe backing" and I'd imagine a big hit to their insurance rates...

Yeah, I'm an idiot.
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One for a broken tail light, I got it fixed and had the ticket dismissed. No big deal. I've been pulled over a few times though, mostly for going 2 miles over the speed limit in the middle of the night on a Saturday, so they just wanted to catch someone driving drunk (which I have not and will never do).
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