i have a guitar that seems to generate a lot of noise/humming on the amp whenever it is plugged in, and especially recently there has been a noticeable increase and i have not changed any settings on any of my gear to explain the increase in the noise/hum level. i'm pretty sure the guitar is the source of the noise because if i plug in another guitar the noise is reduced dramatically, and almost gone. the guitar is a Silvertone model with 3 single-coil pickups that i got from Wal-Mart.

is there a way that i can either reduce or eliminate the amount of noise that is being produced?

Quote by doofus41
put in a humbcker and get a noise gate

i'm not that savvy with the hardware side of things- is a noise gate a device like an effects pedal? would this work without adding the humbucker?
1: get a real guitar
2: smash the silvertone into pieces
3: ???
4: Profit!