Hey guys,

I had a couple questions about the Korg KP2 and KP3. I definitely do not want either of them in my guitar. I was wondering which one you guys liked more. I'd be able to find a KP2 for cheaper, it has better, over all ratings; and plenty of artists have made amazing music with the KP2. My question is, should I buy the KP2 or KP3, is there that much of a difference? reliability is a huge thing to me, and so are the number of features.

The biggest thing to look at when comparing the two is the impressive list of features the KP3 offers over the KP2. It's also good to know that Korg releases updates for the KP3 from time to time.

Regarding sound quality, I didn't really think either one stood out more than the other, but the KP3 does have more effects to choose from.

If I had to buy one today, I would get a KP3 over a KP2 without question.
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thanks, that was a really helpful reply. that's basically all I needed to hear. I'll probably end up getting the KP3 then. If anyone else has anything to let me know about, please do.