I can't seem to find many short scale electric guitars with a tremolo system that if it doesn't already come with one, at least I want to be able to swap out for a floyd rose or even a knock-off.

On the net I can only find Luna guitars that sell a couple models.

But I think I wouldn't mind something used.

If you know of anything like what I am looking for, please don't hesitate to list it here. Even if you, yourself is not selling the guitar, but you have seen one, post it!
those arent short scale. ive never realy seen any short scale floyd guitars. id say get a full size drop the tuning 1 full step on all strings and place a capo on the 2nd fret. then just use frets 3-24(or 22) . that would be the best way to get a shortened FR guitar.
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do you mean 24 3/4 scale?
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