So I was thinking about getting the Floor POD Plus for Xmas, as it is fairly cheap, and seems to do everything I currently need. Does anybody have any experience with this?

Anything would be lovely : D
I have the full out POD X3 Live, and looking back, I probably could have just lived with what you're looking at - I just wanted typical Marshall/Mesa/Fender tones, volume pedal, and built-in tuner, so I'd have an all-in-one board I could plug into an amp or a P.A. - mine has all the bells and whistles (XLR out, fx loop, dual-amp combinations, lots more tones, etc.), but I don't really need it all.
same here. there is no way i'll ever use all 8 different plug ins on my x3 live. the pod plus is a great multi fx pedal for the budget.
Pod XT > Pod X3 in my opinion, I don't need/use any of the features on the X3 that are different...

The Floor POD is a fine little practice processor and stuff.
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