Righty, I've finally decided to get my arse in gear with my playing, atm, im mediocre, was getting a little bored. All in all, I wanna shred with the best of them, I have a million lessons and have changed my practise techniques completely (METRONOME.. OMGOMGOMG).

So. Can you guys possibly give me a list of songs with increasing difficulty that you think I should learn? Please start pretty easy and gradually get to something like technical difficulties or something!

Thanks loads people!!

btw, im primarily metal and the longer the list the better. hopefully this will be useful to others like me also... perhaps start at enter sandman?
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Pearl Jam - Alive, Smoke on the Water, Enter Sandman, Amon Amarth - Live for the Kill, Sweet Child o Mine, Audioslave - Doesn`t Remind Me and One and the Same, Master of Puppets.

Except for the last one, I`m only talking about the solos, the rest isn`t so hard. Fade to Black should also be put somewhere, but I don`t know where...
Scarified: tempo-slowest>slower>slow>medium slow>medium>fast medium>fastish>fast>faster>fastest>Paul Gilbert tempo. Then the same for technical difficulties
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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Don't forget Curse of Castle Dragon and Satch Boogie. Take it slow and work your way up. Just make sure it's clean and precise.
more more more people!

as said, id like a list in order of difficulty! i wanna be kept really busy on the guitar front, and the only way (for me) is to be given a list (pretty much an, I DARE YA!)

how about, 15 songs? number 1 being the easiest, and 15 being the hardest, doust have to go francesco fareri style, but, u know, i want to learn something new with every song

thanks loads people, i greatly appreciate it
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hey im not sure what your playing skill is, but check out some all that remains songs. sorry i didnt make a list but their songs are pretty cool. Chiron, two weeks, the air that i breathe. the best ones imo.

Day of Justice - All Shall Perish, it has fast trem, decent lead parts and challenging rhythm
Halo - Machine Head, same as above.
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What's wrong with that?

Yeah, Enter Sandman is nice, but you might wanna try Seek and Destroy too.
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crazy train, mr crowley, unholy confessions, beast and the harlot (i dont care if you dont like a7x, pit), walk this way, before i forget

the first five have helped me tremendously